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Fiberglass Help

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I am building a flats deck for my restored 14 ft Kennedy Kraft and need some assistance in which materials will be best for the job (fiberglass, composite board vs marine board, etc). I am looking at using Coosa board then fiberglassing over but need to know what the professionals thoughts would be for the task....It will need to hole a 200lbs and I am looking for sturdy and cost efficient. Resins and glass sheets are needed too. Please give names of the material and where I can purchase it.
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Advanced Plastics on hwy 98 in Elberta has good prices on those materials. Cloth, resin, and even have thick glassed sheets ready. They have various scrap pieces of material that they'll sell cheaper.
Thats where I was looking at....Had ben referred there by multiple people...Thanks
Nidacore would be a good choice from my understanding. I have heard of boat decks being done with it and I think coosa board is mainly used for transoms. X shark would probably have more helpful input.
To make a recommendation I would need to see exactly what your project involves.
Both products mentioned are good, but each has it's place depending on the situation.

Sometimes it could be a combination of both products. For example..... Nidacore overall with cutouts and glue in's of Coosa where things are thru bolted. There are a LOT of possibilities.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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