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Just putting a feeler out there to see who would be willing to brave cold waters and do some spearing any of those days. My gills are dried to the max and the boat is just screaming at me in the back yard wanting me to take her out.

The long range forecast has these days as possible good days. But in the winter it is hard to get people with big enough cajones to dive with me in the fridged waters. And of course the forecast could change. But you never know.

If I go Friday, it will be an afternoon trip (2 dives) on something close in. Saturday and Sunday's weather will dictate what I could do those days. But those will be 3 tank trips if we go on one of those days. Just depends on if I can get someone to go with me as to which day I try to head out. Boat is economical and splitting expenses is relatively cheap.

So who's game?????? The reef donkeys are always in close this time of year. Time to go get wooped by one in the cold waters.:letsdrink:doh
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