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Feb-28 crew for Venice needed.1-2 needed

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Hey guys I need a small crew 1 for sure maybe two ( if father-in-law does not come ) for a run to Venice...going for big Hoos and yellow fin tuna....Aj's on the way back in. Fishing date is going to be Feburary 28. I would like the person or persons that comes along a lot of knowledge of big game fishing ( if you know what I mean ). Also know how to gaff, drive a boat, read a fish finder, GPS. You know the main stuff that keeps a boat running safely.
I will be towing my boat on Friday to Venice. Weather and seas must be in my favor. We will be fishing out of a 223 WA Mako with 225 hp outboard. Send me a PM of what you know.
Cost will be depending on if 1 or 2 comes along. A lot cheaper then 2300.00.
Also, make sure one has a Louisiana Fishing license along with a Saltwater license and a bagging permit. I have the Federal permit already.

Please keep in mind I will be disappointed in you if you can't tie your own knots. I cant and wont tie your fishing knots for you.
I know Im asking a lot ,but when you sink a lot of time and money into a trip and come to find out the person that's with you is useless as tits on a boar hog , it gets upsetting.
Mako My Day

I tell you guys something. I have not edited anything in my post at all, but the reason I have worded my post is because of my son who is slightly disabled. If something was to happen to me I would need somebody to drive the boat back and deliver my son in one piece back to his momma, when I fish in my boat with my son I fish for two and that's the reason why I need somebody with experience. I hope this help some of you think that I'm not an A-hole. By the way last Father Day my son in land a 25 King (by himself ) at the Tenneco after we fished the nipple and he loves to fish. Thanks

Mako My Day
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I've been wanting to go to Venice for a while! I know you've been before from reading past posts, but have you ever brought your boat down? Also, what species are you targeting and which rigs will you hit?
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