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Feb 01 2015 Archie Glover

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Went out this a.m. to test out the new Lowrance Elite 3x fish finder/depth finder I installed on the kayak.

I launched about 08:30am, and cruised around the whole grassy island area and back toward some of the docks near some of the houses. I got a couple of bites, one good one, but no catches, skunked, lol. I was using some dead shrimp on one pole and casting a Gulp shrimp lure on the other. I don't feel to bad about getting skunked as I didn't see the other couple guys on boats having much luck either.

Just before I left I saw another guy pull up and launch an orange kayak, I hope he had some better luck but I had to call it a day at 10:30am. I wanted to get out before the rain came.

I'm new at using a depth/fish finder but one thing I did notice is that there is almost no structure in that area on the bottom to hold fish. I think if some one were to invest in a small artificial reef of some sort dropped in one of the 20 foot deep areas it would draw more fish in.
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This time of year for the most part the fish are not close to the bank. They will be on the deeper drop offs and ledges. Congrats on getting out:thumbup:
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Dude there are deep 20 to 25 holes in that area
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