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Favorite light tackle lures for offshore

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My 3 favorite offshore light tackle lures are

1- Super rattle trap, the biggest that I have seen are about 5.5 to 6 inches. I always keep an assortment in my tackle bag. All colors seem to work great the noise really attracts the bite. It has landed a lot of black fin in the box and the mahi can't resist them. I use it on a big stout spinning outfit with an Okuma Azul. Just cast as far as you can and work it super erraticly. Thay are made for salt water.

2- The snapper slapper lure is another I like on a spinning outfit. They are made by a guy in Texas. It also comes in a large assortment of colors. It has two hooks one in the skirt and a trailer. If you haven't heard of them it would be worth adding to your arsenal. I went yesterday to Beach bait and tackle and they said that they only carry them for cobia season and don't keep in stock the rest of the year. Seems kinda silly to me. I guess I'll keep ordering from the internet.

3-Ocean International Jager jigs. It is a cheap alternative to the shimano butterfly jigs and works great. These only cost about $8 on line. I haven't found any dealers that carry them around here. order from 360.

It makes me wonder what else I have been missing out on. Does anyone else use something that not many people know about?
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