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6/29/12 – We stuck out noses out the pass and in a relatively short amount of time, got slapped back towards the pass. Forecast was calling for 1-2’s (I think this really meant 1-2 on top of the 4-6 footers. Anyways, we set up shop inside the bay for a little sharking. Using circle hooks takes just a little getting used to, but for some reason, we were having a solid number of runs, however only a single hook found the spot. The fight was on, 20 minutes or so later here is a chunky 5 foot Shark.

6/30/12 – More interesting of an evening. The week before Father’s day I did a “Win a Shark Trip on AM 1620” The winner his father, father-in-law and a buddy made it out on Saturday. Did the same routine with the Pass. We made it out about 7 miles, we were all dripping wet and made the U turn. Started to chumming action at a good area I know. Chumming just kept going. The winner on the third time was empty, so he was feeling better and was not going to quit. Trooper this young man is. Anyways, we have all been there, so….. Just as the sun was setting we are dropping back fresh baits. A shark picks up one bail 30 feet behind the boat, and the second picks up the second bait. Both hooks are sunk in and here we go with a “Double Header” Both these sharks decided to go in opposite directions around the boat. One was a guessed as a 100 Pound Black Tip, the other was just a shade smaller, about 80-100 pounds. 30 minutes or so of the chaos, under the anchor rope, over the anchor rope, tangle in the chum bag….. I am still in amazement these 2 sharks did not tangle each other. The passed within feet of each other and did not get the lines tangled. There was a tremendous amount of coaching going on, I mean think about it, There was three fathers on the boat…..

Here is the Video – Enjoy and share it if you will –

One thing, someone in the area is using heavy monofilament for a tail rope. The larger of the 2 had mono wrapped around its tail which was starting to cut into the flesh of the shark. This is the second time this season I have seen that. I tried to cut it off, however it made run and broke the line on the motor.


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