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Fallen Soldier

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Today I was returning from lunch along hwy 90 in Pace, and began seeing people pulled off to the side of the road and standing outside there cars as if there were a parade to come by. I hadent realized at first what was going on until I topped the hill and saw a huge American flag hanging over the West bound lane of hwy 90,from the ladders of two fire trucks, then I remembered about Sgt. Daniel McCall. Sgt. McCall was a brave young soldier from here in pace, and he died Oct. 30 in Iraq fighting for the American flag. I feel privileged that I happened to be traveling that road at that time, so I could pull over with the rest of the good American people and hold my hand over my heart and weep as the funeral procession passed.

God Bless Sgt. Daniel McCall and his family

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God Bless this young hero. Pray for the family, ask the Lord to give them strength. :usaflag
I think that every single one of our veterans should be treated this way

:usaflag:angel:usaflag Nothing more heart wrenching than a military funeral.
I attended Sgt. McCall's funeral yesterday and I have to say it was the most heart wrenching funeral I have ever attended. Between the flags and citizens on the side of the road to the entire school at Pace High school standing in complete silence it was truly amazing. All along the procession AMERICANS were showing what this country truly stands for. Even the car dealerships along Hwy. 29 were on the side of the road. Daniels grandfather said after the service that it truly made him proud to see everyone turn out in support. I personally want to thank everyone for this touching tribute to a fine young man. :usaflag
Glad to hear that the folks in this area gave the respect deserved, pulling over and standing in honor of a national hero! My eyes are tearing up as I type.

I attended a military funeral for my wife's grandfather last fall, Retired USN. Being a service vet myself, I can tell you that I did a lot more than weep. It was a very moving experience. The 21 gun salute and the playing of taps was breath taking!! Cried like a baby.:reallycrying:reallycrying

Thanks for the post Capt. Moore!!

Paul P.
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My wife saw it as she works on Hwy 90. She said it was the most amazing thing she has seen in a while. He deserved every bit it.
And I am just sitting here crying like a baby reading this thread.

For all those who have fallen defending our freedom, I salute you.

SSGT. Tom Reigle

526th FIS Black Knights

Ramstein AB, Germany

1964 - 1967
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God bless this American for his sacrifice and comfort his family.:usaflag
Thats awesome to hear the turnout.:usaflag:usaflag:usaflag
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