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Well the Big Fall Yellow fin Tuna expectations offshore out of Venice, La. has absolutely been met. Actually, the past 5 months has been way above average and right now it is even better. The big Tuna have pushed in and they are here in numbers. Any boat out there has a chance at a 150lb. plus or more Yellow fin Tuna if it is your lucky day, but your chances are certainly better with a guide. There are a lot of 20-25lb. black fin tuna mixed in also and you can catch about as many of those as you want. This past Saturday we had three groups down and to give you an idea of your chances at a big YFT this is how it went. The Weigel crew out of Lake City, MN ended up with about 18 black fin tuna. They did have two big Yellow fin come up next to the boat but they couldn’t get them to bite. The Witt crew out of Ms.,(older gents.) caught 5 black fin and then had a 125lber. eat right next to the boat. 45 minutes later they got him in and called it a day. The Palmer crew from Cleveland, Ms. ended up with 30 black fin tuna, and 3 Yellow fin over 100lbs. the largest going 160. This is how it has been for about the past two weeks. As we move further into October it may only get better. We are also catching Amberjack and Cobia for those of you who like to fish for those species as well. October is our best month for Cobia. The fishing has been steady as you can see from the reports. We have been fishing in between the weather days, which have been fairly predictable lately. We are getting more good weather days than bad so that certainly helps. If your looking to get out there and catch some Tuna now is the time to go.

Capt. Damon McKnight
Super Strike Charters
[email protected]

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