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F.S. Brand New Reef Tank (Aquarium)

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It's a Brand New 180 gallon reef ready aquarium on a custom build Birch hardwood stand. The tank has never had a drop of water. The stand is ready for stain, it is sanded and sealed with clear sealant...$800 firm. Send me a PM if interested...Jeremy
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what is included?.........what is the exact size? l x h x w
Tank and stand only...the tank is 72"x24"x24". The stand is 73"x25"x42"H.
Good deal! I have a 100g & would love to go bigger, but my wife would kill me!
No problem, I will send one to the provided email.
Posting some pictures of the tank and stand...$800
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Bump back to top...need to move it. $800 will get you the 180 gallon tank, unfinished stand, 90 gallon acrylic aquarium...can be used as sump, and partially finished DIY calcium reactor.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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