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On Friday an investor group closed on the purchase of Florida-based, Pesce Trade, the exclusive distributor of Everol fishing reels in the United States. The new operation will be renamed EverolUSA and is relocating to Mobile, Alabama. EverolUSA is planning a bold re-launch in the North American market.

From its small factory in Italy, Everol has handcrafted the world?s finest since 1958. Our reels are handmade one at a time. The 1960?s and 70?s were Everol?s glory days in the U.S. market, where their reputation for superior design and unique drag scale was nationally recognized. To be honest though, 20 years of non-existent marketing has destroyed Everol?s domestic brand recognition. This is about to change.

But first, I need to apologize

Before we can go forward, we need to apologize for some past mistakes. Our fanatically loyal fan base endured long wait times, insufficient inventory, unfilled orders, and slow customer service. There have been plenty of screw ups over the past decade. The new owners of EverolUSA sincerely say, ?We are sorry.? Over the coming months you will see many positive changes. We ask for your patience and positive suggestions on how we can best bring back this legendary brand.

The good news is Everol still offers the best damn reels money can buy. At least we think so?otherwise we would not have bought the company. Any reel in this class is a sizeable investment. But for your money, should you not get a Ferrari instead of a Ford? We have good reason to say Everol is ?Your Grandson?s Next Reel?.

I now need your help.

Our first order of business is updating the website to something that is vibrant, interesting and dedicated to these great battle-wagon reels. I am asking the Everol loyalists to submit your Everol pictures, videos, and stories so we may include your input in the new website. Second, tell your fishing buddies about the features that made Everol reels great for 50 years. If they are still unsure, have them contact me directly. Everol needs your ?active? support right now.

24 Models and Growing

In January 2008, we are introducing a new model called the Canyon Special. (Imagine the power of a 9/0 reel shrunk into the body of a 4/0 reel.) Also, Everol is now prototype testing a new 2 speed version of the Waterproof 12/20, which will be publicly available in late 2008 / early 2009. We are seeking product testers if you want to be a part of the Everol Army and have your opinion influence the final design.

Thank you so very much for your past and future support,
Order an Everol today!

Keith Wichmann
EverolUSA, President

p.s.We are currently rebuilding our dealer network, so if you want to nominate your favorite tackle store, charter boat, or fishing team please email me. And certainly remind them of those powerful Everols that have caught thousands of black marlin and great whites are still available in the U.S.

Everol[email protected]
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