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just got back last night from Evergreen/Grady, AL. close to 40 deer were seen total. 3 spikes, a 6pt, a 7pt, a big buck with both sides of his rack broke off and the rest does and yearlings.

Evergreen had a whole lot of prerut activity goin on. Lots Lots Lots of rubbing and scraping. I saw probably 30 - 40 rubs and 20 scrapes just walkin back and forth to the treestand and blood trailing deer. all scrapes were new since the rain and alot of them have been freshened regularly for the past few weeks. a nice 15inch wide 7 pt was killed by a member of my hunting party on Fri morning. tarsals were black and stinking. all of the bucks were by themselves except for 2 spikes. they entered the greenfield seperately and once they saw each other, started posturing, then they fought with the smaller one winning the battle.

The hunting in Grady was very hot while the temps were cold but once it warmed upthedeer movement turnedoff. I was suppose to leave tonight but unfortunately had to come back last night so i only got one full day of hunting. saw a spike and 7 does sat morning and woody saw 7 does Fri afternoon. the spike was by hiself and tarsals were dark. the does i saw were all together in a big pack, which tells me that they havent started feeling froggy yet.

also saw 2 small bucks dead on the sides of the interstate. lots of bucks riding on 4wheelers and backs of trucks.

My opinion is, the next good cold snap will be the best few days of the year. and ill be sitting in the treestand.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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