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Fished the past two weeks with friends and neglected my favorite fishing partner. She was less then thrilled that I wanted to get up and on the water before sunrise but non the less she agreed. Put out at the swamp house and ran to a flat I had wanted to fish for awhile, walked the dog for about an hour and pulled up a few white trout, a gar, and a nice slot red.

wind picked up so i decided it was time to try and catch some dinner. The flounder have been hit or miss and any with size very scattered in that area. The first spot I tried didnt pay off but was holding quiet a few in the weeks prior, the second spot mel hooked up to her personal best and caught the only flounder of the day.

It was a short day but had a great time. Glad to be back in Pensacola and ready to dial in on the big reds. BTW I release all reds caught on my boat so if anyone has any secret spots I promise not to tell or take a sole.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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