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Today I added an item to the BOCC agenda for May 25 addressing the absurd 3 day federal snapper season. There is no reason or logic to the methods of the Feds. We are doing nothing but feeding fresh snapper to Flipper and his friends. Like so many things at the federal level, science has been hijacked by political agendas and the basic arguments for the policies won't pass the sniff test with a ten-year-old.

I am asking the Board to join me in asking the Feds to 1) grant immediate relief by extending the Snapper season to nine 3-day-weekends. 2) take an aggressive and in-depth assessment of the management of the federal fisheries. The commercial fishing lobby has created a near complete monopoly on a resource that ultimately belongs to the citizens.

It may amount to nothing, it may garner some success. What I know for certain, however, is that when the people accept the Feds "giving" us 3 days to fish for what is ours, we really aren't a free people. I'd rather fight and lose than take a knee.

Doug Underhill
Chairman, Escambia BOCC
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