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Ive been doing business with the GPS store for some time now, they have always been a great company.

Recently I have gotten to know the manager of the store, Scott Hefferman and a few weeks ago we discussed the tragic loss of the two boaters on the east coast of Florida.

I mentioned that I wish he could run a special on epirbs for PFF forum members so that more people would get one and lives could possibly be saved. He said ACR prevents him from discounting their units but he would try and work up a deal, this was his response to me:

Hi Greg,

I was able to do some work to the ditch bag bundle. Here is the link to the product/bundle.
Your member’s price would be $650 and free shipping. I will create a coupon code to send to you to distribute. Once your members add the bundle to their cart on our site, they can enter the promo code at checkout and the price will be adjusted.

The coupon code is “EPIRB”. It is active now on the website and once added takes $29.95 off the total of the XS3000 Ditch bag bundle making it $650.00.


If anyone is interested Here you go
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