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Took a good friend of mine out this am.

Hot Spots had some road side advertising for live bait that had me pull right in. Great service as always and good convo. Fella in there remarked that he had been on the pier all day yesterday and only saw four Pompano.

Set up Four outfits near 7:30 and started rakin'. Found plenty of nice fleas and switched out for fresh bait every time I checked the lines. A good steady wind prevailed all day.

Three ounces wasn't holding but 4's stayed put and 5's got buried.

Decent amount of bird action all day out past the last breakers I couldn't seem to get to. No Dolphins today.

Water was fairly murky and tons of broken shells in spots.

Had a great time enjoying the day and watching the out-of-towners remark at our backyard.

Called it quits around 2 with no bites.

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