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The weather was not nearly as good as advertised and the fishing was very tough, but still good to get back on the water for our first Emerald Coast Redfish Circuit - Pro Series Tournament. Thanks to all of the new teams that showed, I promise that it gets a whole lot better than that! The results of the ECRC tournament is as follows:

1. Bobby Weir/Matt Schoen, 10.18 lbs
2. Hunter Ray/Frankie Brogniez, 10.02 lbs
3. Sean Jeanneret/Jim Whitaker, 5.89 lbs
4. Fred Myers/Carter Myers, 5.68 lbs
5. Robert Gautney/Bobby Gautney, 5.54 lbs
6. John Ott/Mike McClure, 3.44, 0.00
T7. James Whitaker/Heath Lavin, 0.00
T7. Mark Cowart/Michael Cowart, 0.00
T7. Ken Cube/Mike Pattison, 0.00
T7. Neil Modlin/Bryant Modlin, 0.00
T7. Josh Locke/Jason Bryan, 0.00
T7. Trevor Taylor/John Morris, 0.00
T7. Kevin Sherwood/Wayne Spivey, 0.00
T7. Hallie Burnett/Bobbie Meyer, 0.00
T7. Jack Foley/Zackeary Patronis, 0.00
T7. MJ White/Bill Burke, 0.00
T7. Bo Sullivan/Alan Chase, 0.00

The calcutta for big Trout went to Fred/Carter (1.81 lbs); most spots to Bobby/Matt (9) and 2nd to Robert/Bobby (4); and the mystery weight winner was Fred/Carter. For the calcuttas, we voted to replace the Big Redfish with a mystery weight, but since there were only 4 entrants in the mystery weight, we are going to go back to the Big Redfish calcutta for next tournament. Thanks to everyone for braving the crappy weather and fishing with us...really hope to see all of you again for the rest of our tournaments. Our next tournament will be March 28 (in the Pensacola area...launch site will be posted asap) followed by the Delacroix, LA event on April 11.
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