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Hey guys or gals i got this Sunday while sitting in a camp chair. I was the only fool out thier in the wind and rain (so it felt like) anyway two of them walked up right behind me i picked up the gun and they saw me and started to run. I shot missed (you know how hard to find them on the scope really close and running) the second shot got one of them on the ground. He got back up after holloring for two minutes and limped down the trail. I waited about thrity minutes and followed the blood trail into some pretty thick stuff. When i got close to him i could here him breathing and moving. I was kind of nervous even though hes not a big hog. well a few steps further and this animal comes out to face me! whoa i put the sights on his head and put him to sleep. i gave him to a neighbor of mine who is going throught some hard times. hope to get another soon for myself

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