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Met at the house around 5am to look at the radar and see patchy storms everywhere. One big one to the west. We thought we could go through and fish the edge without stormy conditions. When we got 2.5 miles from the edge, we found the big storm. It stayed for a whopping 4 hours right over us.

Plenty of bait to find as we caught 60 or so cigar / herring mix in 30-45 minutes. Headed south and found a grass patchy 7 miles out loaded with baby Almacos and one small dolphin.

Ended up catching 3 scamp (one was 21 inches), 12 good size Mingo, and 4 medium Almaco jacks. Bottom bite was very slow and lite. Decent day but somewhat miserable with the storm conditions.

Don’t have any photos bc one passenger met us at the dock and wasn’t enough for a photo.
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