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East Bay

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Who was out at the powerlines in East Bay around 1pm today (friday). I was seatrialing a customers boat and saw them netting something. Green Yak
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I talked to need2fish tonite. I believe that was Mark out there! He didn't catch any mehaden as he had hoped. I will be out at Navarre beach by the pier before the sun comes up and he will join be a little later. You ought to venture out in the gulf in your new yak and join us!
Mark was smart to stay at the house. :sleeping Fishing was terrible. (No fish, no bait, not bites) :bangheadIt was probably a good thing I didn't catch anything. The distraction would have kept me from paying attention to where the 30mph winds were blowing me and would have made it to Cuba in my yak in no time where the North wind had built the seas up to 12-foot!

On the positive side, it was a pretty day, the water was fairly clear, it stayed a degree or two from me being too cold and I got in some good exercise paddling against the wind. (I did anchor up most of the time, but still drifted.)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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