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Well despite the cold I decided to give it a shot and work the mouth of the river for Trout and Reds. My gamble turned out to be a good one.

My buddy and Ihit the water to a breezy chilly start with overcast skies, dirty water, and an outgoing tide. Not the ideal conditions but we pressed on. We both threw 1/4 ounce johnson silver minnow gold spoons just keeping em close to the bottom with hopes of catching some Reds in the mud on the slack tide. Well it paid off scoring us 2 Reds a piece with this one going 24 inches.

We kept driftin around hittin deeper pockets and anything that looked fishy and caught around 15 trout. The Trout were caught on 1/4 ounce gold glitter shrimp fished very slowly. They were easy to spot because they'd surface and leave bubbles in their wake. This one went around 16 inches.

Once the sun came out and the tide got really low the bite slacked off and we called it a day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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