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Went out to the beach to get a feel for surf fishing again, as it's been awhile, without a real desire to land a fish. Hell, I didn't even replace the hooks on my rigs from a day in July...put some bait on my rusty circle hooks and landed several black drum. I was only out for a few hours. Hell, I don't have space in the freezer for any more fish (Thanks to SaltyD and he who shall not be named). Lost count of them...too busy unhooking and throwing em back...I was happy to only have three lines Pomps yet...I'd make freezer space for them. Tight lines!!! YRM
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Nice ! Big ones, or little ones, or just the right sized ones ?
There have been a lot of black drum around lately. I caught three last week, and two of them looked to have some type of worm hanging from the gills, and saw another on the dorsal fin. I threw them all back. A guy that always fishes the same spot noticed the same on the ones he was catching. No thanks. Fun to catch though!
They were all kinds of sizes...from around 12" to 42" roughly. I've caught bigens like them last year too. All went back except for a 16" and 24"...the 24" drum had worms...worms are irrelevant though. Worms don't change a thing...they don't cause the fish any harm, and do not change the quality of the flesh. Cut em out if they bother you...or cook em up...doesn't matter. I had to be pretty far out from the beach too. Gonna take the family out for some catch and release drum fun tomorrow. Hoping for a pomp. I don't have pics. Tight lines!!! YRM
Where are yall fishing that you keep catching all these fish, I've fished from casino beach all the way to the pass, and have yet to go towards navarre. I bet that's where yall are at too.
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Went back out Saturday (1/31/15) as planned...caught four Bulls. Caught and released too many of them in my time as a fisherman to care to take a pic. Definitely bigens in the surf right now. My next picture uploaded on here will be of pomps I pray. Tight lines!!! YRM
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