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Sold pending payment.

5 Piece CB Drum Set with upgraded pieces. Son leaving the area in the future and can't take it with him. $350 for PFF members. Possible trade for audio system components for Chevy S10 + cash.

1 Snare w/ stand

1 Snare Case

2 Toms

1 Floor Tom

1 Bass Drum

PDP Double Bass Pedal


Pearl High Hat Cymbals 14" w/ stand

Zildjian ZXT Titanium Splash Cymbal 10" w/ stand

Sabian B8 Crash Cymbal 16" w/stand

Pearl CX300 Crash/Ride Cymbal 18" w/ stand

Zildjian Scimitar Ride Cymbal 20" w/ stand

Spare items included are extra High Hat Cymbals and a Snare Stand.

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