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On Pensacola Beach, yesterday March 31st 2018, I hooked up these two Bull Red Fish within 15 seconds of each other on two lines. The larger one pulled my rod pvc rod holder right out of the beach and the rod toward the surf. I managed to retrieve the the rod before it went in, but now I had two rods with fish on, one in each hand. I tried dragging the fish inshore but I was struggling. A nearby fisherman came to my rescue and we managed to land my first two Bull Red Fish, my biggest fish ever. I estimate from the picture that includes my rod, that the largest fish was 40" and the smaller 37". I got them back into the water as quick as I could.

I was using home made Pompano Rigs and they were baited with Pink Shrimp flavored Fish Bites.

Later I caught one 18" Pompano on the same setup, again on the Fish Bites.

This has made my trip very eventful.


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