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What I have for sale is a LEO Diamond "Past, Present, and Future" Necklace.
The necklace has never been worn and has remained in its case (don't like yellow gold)
LEO diamonds actually have a serial number engraved in them to identify them. We will have to bring the necklace in to get the numbers for verification, but once we have them you can verify they are genuine.

Also have a Diamond tennis bracelet (not LEO diamonds). Not sure of carat count on both I'm sure KAY can tell me though. These pieces haven't been worn because my girlfriend hates yellow gold (Ex-husband gave them to her)

Anyhow As you can see below the prices paid. This doesn't include the "Santa bucks" that discounted the overall price. Receipts show the amount paid. Without discounts values are exceed 3k.

With the holidays just around the corner, why not surprise your wife/ significant other with something special! I'm looking to trade these pieces for a VEHICLE (car truck, or motorcycle, quality dune buggy etc.), OR man stuff for hunting etc. Vehicle should be in good working order, . Please PM me if interested.

Cash price at $2400 for both


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