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Cool. But those friendly lookin dolhpins may have had there own plan.

Sounds like in the joint...classic setup....bad-ass lifer comes over to the new fish in the weight pit.....puts the squeeze on em. Nother dude comes out of the woodwork...saves scared lil white boy...scared lil white boy is thankful as hell, thinks dude saved his poop-chute. truth is...dude and mr. bad-ass had it all arranged, scared boy feels indebted to dude who "saved" him, ends up givin it up..and lifer ends up buyin him for a carton of Kools next week.

Havent you guys ever seen the King of the Hill episode where Hank gets molestered by the dolphin????? Sound like this group of dolphins were jus stagin this whole thing with the shark.

You guys are jus too trusting. Watch them dolphins....and lifers.:letsdrink
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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