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Does anyone here use their Kayak in cold weather?

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Is that a dumb question? But I never see much activity on the forum about yakking, So somebody clue me in, can you yak fish when it gets cold? if so where? and for what,

Thanks yall! I gotta go bfur momma breaks me dinner plate!
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You can fish all year round in Florida. Usually reds, and specks can be found in the shallows, and canals .
Absolutely use the yaks in winter. Best craft in the world for getting right on top of sheepshead and dropping live shrimp right down alongside the pilings. In fact, in calm conditions, kayaks will allow anglers to get under lots of structure and fish in places that no one else can get to. I wrote an article a couple of years for Florida Sport Fishing magazine about this very thing. Don't even think about putting the yak away in winter!
No such thing as a dumb question, we all have to learn somehow.

All of the above. Just dress for the cool stuff, wind surfer type foot gear, warmer shirt, maybe waders if you have a wet ride. Hypothermia can creep up on you if you get a wet butt and the cool breeze comes along.
I usually take my yak out on the few calm days after a front comes through. As long as it's calm enough where too much water won't get in I will go out and do a bit of fishing. Now as for catching, that is a different story. I usually pursue trout in the canals during winter, but after years of doing so, I have never even had a bite. I also go after sheepies around structure, but I never have any luck with them either, except when they first start showing up when it gets cold and when they begin spawning in the spring. So, during the winter, it's more about me just getting out and about rather than catching something.
I plan to do some winter fishing in the yak soon. I just got my kayak in May so I have never tried winter fishing. Should be fun!
Just to repeat a topic that needs repeating every year. Dress for the water not the air. It is very risky to load up with layers of warm clothes to include fleece and jackets and boots. If you fall in (as many of us have) you will have a real problem reentering your yak wearing heavy wet clothes. Even swimming can be a real problem once items like sweatshirts, fleece and waders get wet.

I put a wetsuit (farmer john style) next to my skin then cover with easy to remove layers. I stress the easy to remove because they will be heavy and wet so zippers are better than having to lift a sweatshirt over your head. Belts are better than suspenders (because suspenders typically run underneath other layers).

If I fall in, I can remove the outer layers, climb back onto the yak and then stay warm (wetsuit) for the trip home which could be an hour or more depending on conditions.

You might even consider wearing your jacket on the outside of your PFD so you can abandon the heavy jacket without having to remove your PFD.

Remember, dress for the water. Be Safe and good luck.
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I yak fish all year... makes no difference to me.When it's less than.... 32 degrees.. my fingers get pretty dang cold. Going to get some hand warmers this year! hehehe
I do dress in layers... so when the sun warms you up... you can take off a jacket or sweatshirt and still be comfortable.
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