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Redfish (12/26/2007)I Am Not A PUSS But you got it right on the nose , It,s a boy's club If They don't know you don't answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I believe he was sayingif they don't know THE ANSWER they won't respond. :doh I read almost every post and I don't know the answer to many of the questions asked. Ever think there are some that don't want to ask questions so they read questions like yours searching for answers or information.

A lot of it has to do with timing of the post too.If you'll pay attention you will see some posts are only on the front page a few minutes or hours before they are gone. Thats because they are in the general forum and are bumped by other posts quickly. If only 50 people looked at the post that's not too many. How many of those views were you rechecking your own post? Lets say you checked it 10 times, well that means only 40 folks viewed it. More than likely none of them had anything positive to add.

From reading through some of your recent posts I'm guessing you are looking for info on redfish. If you'll read the inshore reports, often guys will tell of a great catch or where they are catching fish. Try the pm route or search function and you might get the info you desire.

Instead of attacking the forum members, why don't you either repost the question, try above suggestions or try another forum. wish I could help you but thats all I can offer. Good luck!
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