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Hi Scott,

Thanks for your good thoughts. We have gotten away from the original post, however, I think the intent is the same.:usaflag

I agree that handicapped access to boats is a major issue. Your idea about Sherman Cove is great. Will you check into the possibilities of some lifting/ramp or ??? solution and coordinate. We hope to have two folks here Friday evening at our meeting who have built or build solutions. You are invited.

Getting from my dock onto my boats is a challenge. I have a rope attached onto my pilings, so I can hold on walking out the dock, then getting aboard is the problem. If the tide is right, I can get aboard my Cal 46 okay, the Chico Limo is easy as it is a stable 'toon, but my 22' CC Panga, (ODAAT)is a real scary affair. When I get the T - Top with grab rails it will be easier.

Now getting someone who is confined to a wheelchair out the dock and onboard will be a real question - SAFETY is #1. I am working on a light weight wooden flame device that I can attach to the deck on the ODAAT and it will cradle a wheelchair.

Any ideas will be appreciated!

I did not have any major health issues until I was 69 YO, but it drove me crazier when I was unable to walk and could not get on my boat and go. I can imagine how a 20 something year old must feel, unable to walk or move about freely.

They put their lives on the line. Let's get them out fishing!

Gung Ho!
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