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frenchdaddy (12/20/2007)With the advice of our forum member Diesel84 myself, my son, the Jamaican, the boat owner and his two boys went to the 3 mile bridge last night.

We got to the spot on the PCOLA side of the bridge just looking on the rubble for fish. Once we found a promising spot we anchored up.

After about 3 minutes the fighting began. We had slot reds and bull reds intermittently for the next 3 and a half hours. I didn't even mention the thousands of trout around us. The big and little boys had a blast and we wanted to give a shout out for getting us off the couch and into a mess of fish.

Enjoy the pics.
I really dont get it, I guess the fish are eating at night. I went out yesterday in the bay, pass, gulf and not a hit. Came back in started at the gulf breeze side of the bridge and trolled slow all over spots marking fish and good bottom all the way to the pensacola side nothing. GREAT JOB!!!GLAD SOMEONE IS GETTING BLOOD IN THE BOAT. If you need an extra person let me know i would love to catch some fish, im getting ready to sell my boat and poles. The last 5 times i havent caught anything. Really upseting thing is my dad was in town last week and i took him twice and nothing. I reallllly wanted to put him on some fish.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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