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$3000 Hell no. And you thought the VS & Zeebaas were expensive.

<P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: -6px" align=left><P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: -6px" align=left>Daiwa Dendoh? Marine Power 3000- The power house for deep drop, heavy line fishing. Capacity 1000yds 150# Saltiga Boat braided line. 1.7:1 gear ratio. <P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: -6px" align=left>MP 3000 Additional features include: <P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: -6px" align=left>Preset Lever Drag
Sixteen ball bearings including two CRBB anti-corrosion bearings
Machine-cut aluminum frame, sideplates and spool
Powerful, machined stainless steel gear drive
Stainless steel line guide
Rod Clamp
Daiwa?s unique Power Lever? for instant control of winding speed and power
Digital readout measures line let out and distance retrieved from the bottom
Programmable Auto Stop? feature stops winding when lure reaches the surface
Manual winding option
Convenient 12 Volts DC operation
Washable design with sealed electronics
Power cord and reel bag included

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Your comments are highly ironic considering you're the one named after an $800 spinning reel made by Zebco.
Thats so true and funny
and he doesn't even know how to use it!
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