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Got out of the pass with a livewell full of pinfish by 7 but wanted to shark fish some so hit some bait schools on the 18s and caught a bunch of bonita and had a double hook up on a couple nice dolphin that did everything they could not to get caught. Headed out to the SE edge to troll, lots of flyingfish everywhere, pretty blue water but couldn't buy a bite. Wanted to bottom fish some but wasn't sure I had enough rope so we heading in north of there and ended up finding someones snaper honey hole, unfortunatly that's all that was there so we moved on to shark fishing. Caught a few 5' nurse sharks and some smaller reef sharks but nothing huge. Stopped at some chicken coops and put a couple red grouper in the cooler and ran home, by noon the gulf was FLAT. Just had time to snap a quick picture of one of the dolphins. Didn't fill the cooler up but still had a good bit of mahi and grouper to put on the grill.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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