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Hello all... new member here. Although originally from the Pensacola area, I now reside in Destin. More specifically Holiday Isle, which iswalking distance to the jetties at the Pass. I live on the east side of the jetties and would like to know what kind of fish to expect this time of year and the best bait/rig to use. I've heard that reds, sheepshead, flounder and trout run through on a normal basis. The current setup I have is a "pompano style" rig...with a 3oz. pyramid sinker with the two seperate hooks. I tried going out yesterday on the jetties using shrimp (dead) and some artificials with no luck. Then I headed to the Gulf with the same rig, using shrimp w/ no luck. I know pompano will hit the sand fleas when they get here... but I dont know which bait works best.. from what I've read, live sand fleas are the preferred choice (however, i'm afraid I dont know how to catch them).

I understand it's still a little cold yet, but I hear the pompano are heading in!! My questions are: is this a good fishing spot? Am I using the right rig/bait? Should I use another setup for sheepshead/reds/trout rather than the bottom fishing "pompano rig" I currently have.Maybe some type of top water lure?

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing some good advice and catching some fish!!

Happy St. Patty's Day,

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