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Destin Bridge Thursday morning

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Launched out of Destin Marina at about 9:30 and within the first ten minutes of fishing got ran off my spot by the Coast guard. So I Moved to a area that I knew had pretty deep hole and managed two Black Drum. The water was still dirty from all the rain so the bite wasn't too hot during outgong tide. Marine patrol was inspecting everybody today but at least they were cool about it. I didn't have some of the safety gear required and instead of writing me a $360 ticket, he let me off with a warning.I also seen a guy fishing from the top of the bridge try to bring up a nice sheephead, he got it almost to the top and then SPLASH!!! WellHere are the pics of the drum..

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Glad to see you got a few!!! and The Fwc gave you a Break Good seeing you at the shop,Thanks for the Report
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