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Gorgeous Dell Studio XPS 13 andDell Studio XPS 16 for sale.

I have them listed on ebay also ("buy it now" style) sohere are the linkwith detailed info, pics and specs<U>;</U>

Asking $80/each cheaper than listed price(if buying locally)

Studio XPS 13 :

Studio XPS 16 :

I also have a BRANDNEW XPS 13 color Merlot Red (not listed on ebay).

Exact same one as these ones (bought it there):

Retail for $999 + taxes when it's in stock (hot item :) ).

Asking $850 FIRM !

All the laptops comes with full DELL 1year warranty,24/7 tech support and in-home service.

I personnally have the XPS 16 and absolutely love it :bowdown (if you need more infos on these, dont hesitate to contact me)

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