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This is a complete Set:

Dell Desktop

Dell 17" LCD FlatPanel Monitor

Dell unused Multifunctional photo printer (scan, copy, print)

It has the following:

Dell Dimension 8200

1.7 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor


Microsoft Windows XP Home

Master Hardrive: 200GB

Slave Hardrive: 160GB

Total Hardrive space: 360GB

DVD Player

CD/RW for burning CD's

Floppy disk drive

Nvidia GeForce2 MX/MX 400 Video Card

PCI ethernet card

Wireless card for connecting to wireless internet

Creative Live Sound Card

Dell 17"LCD Flat panel monitor.

Unused Dell A99 Multifunctional printer.

4 USB 2.0 ports for quick USB transfers (i.e. connecting an external HD).

Due to the great interest, I'm going to sell the computer as a complete set, I will not break it up.

I'm asking $200 for everything above.

Let me know, or give me an offer.


650-850 2760 (yes, it is 650 area's my cell phone)

PS. Look up my computer on craigslist in san francisco...the computer alone is selling for $215 with minimal hardware.

I'm including the monitor and printer and the large hardrives. If anything, you can remove the hardrives, monitor and printer and sell them for the price I'm asking for everything.

Moving in one week and it has to be sold by then...


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Thats pretty weak I tell you I'll take it for what you originally offered it for 150.00 for the( full package)and you say its mine that you have to take your information off of it and you will call when its finished .Then you send me an email saying since you have had so much interest in it you have decided to sell for 200.00 for the full package but originally the full package was 150.00 and now I see it is sold. If you wanted to see how much you could get for it you shouild have put it up for auction.
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