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Delay on transfer/background check?

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Trying to get a rifle from Pensacola Specialty Pawn. Have used them before and this is the first bullhock I have had with them. Yesterday I paid the pawn fee up and filled out the paperwork. Usually this takes ten minutes. Well after 20 minutes they say that its been delayed and to call in later. Called in before closing, this morning and before closing tonight and its still delayed. This has me worried.

Has anyone had this happen?

Going back tomorrow morning and asking to see the rifle. Just to see if they even have it in their possession.

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Is this a rifle you pawned and are getting back or are you purchasing a rifle from them like you would from a regular store?
I pawned it a while back.

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Three things occur. They can be very busy and there is a delay to transmit your info and the pawn guy didn't want to sit on hold. #2 your info was transmitted and the pawn guy didn't want to sit on hold to get the approval # back from them so he decided to call back later. #3 the info was submitted and they gave what's called a delayed response. In the third case they can give you the gun after three days if they didn't get a denial. If the denial comes later it would be the responsibility of ATF to go retrieve the weapon from your possession. If they get the approval later than your good to go.
A delay is alot better than a denial. Is your name common, have you lived in lots of different states. Did you put your social security number on 4473? Lots of factors. I would say worry after tomorrow.
You have to go through a background check to get back a gun that you pawned? I had no idea. Guess it is another way the gov't can get more money.
I dont know how pawn shops work concerning getting pawned firearms back but why the heck do they have to do a background check on a person retrieving their own firearm? Seems strange to me but maybe Florida requires it, IDK.

Concerning the delay, FDLE probably gave you a "conditional non approval" when the pawn shop called in your background check. If you dont have a record I wouldn't sweat it. Lots of people get conditionals for lots of reasons. I've received a CN before myself.

FDLE has three business days to issue a decision. FDLE gave the pawn shop a decision due by date and the pawn shop should have told you that date so you would know when to check back. If, by 5:00pm ET on that date, they have not made a decision the store can release the firearm to you. They check the box on the 4473 that no decision has been made, you resign the 4473 again, and they sign and date that the firearm has been transfered to you. IF FDLE were to issue a non approval at a later date the police will come take posession of the firearm.

This, or like MikeG said, the pawn shop just didn't want to wait for an answer. FDLE usually gives a decision in a matter of a minute or less. Usually less.
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Probably like MikeG said, they didn't want to wait on phone. I had a Sig sent to USA Performance Monday and they had to wait for about 30 minutes on hold . They did wait though even with several customers in store waiting. Approvals had been slow all day according to them.
or they already sold it to someone else.
Just picked it up five minutes ago. Really had me worried!

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