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Deer Down 2-19-15

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I got to my shooting house before daylight this morning. Boy it was cold...26 degrees clear skies and no wind. I seen a small buck at sunrise. He was very cautious... He would smell around and then stare off in the woods. He left and a short time later four does come out on the plot and begin to eat... They didn't stay long and then a cowhorn ran through my plot without stopping. Around 7:45 this guy steps out missing one side of his horns. Only had a few seconds to decide... Shoot or don't shoot. I thought he had some abnormal genes so i decided to take him. One well placed shot in the neck as he was walking away and he was down right there. Turns out he broke one side of his horns clean off. He had multiple scratches and scars on his neck from fighting. Private land in north santa rosa. :)


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congrats, I would have been happy with him but then I'm happy with any legal deer. I hunt for the table not the wall.
No problems with that.....better late then never!!!
Looks like he has great genes to me. A solid six at what appears to be 1.5 years old.....
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