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Deep Dropping tips wanted!!

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I am going to take the wife out tomorrow and she loves catching grouper. I have caught some scamp and red grouper at the yellow gravel and some of the Tanks to the West. Does anyone have any suggestions for targeting grouper, trigger if I head out to a little deeper water?

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Big bait+big hook=big fish. Good luck,hope the gulf is kind to ya.
Dont have an electric rell yet, but I don't mind reeling. I am really hoping someone can give me an idea of wher to go or what depth I need to fish.


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Look for muddy bottoms and you will get some Tile Fish :)
butterfly a fish and they can't resist it.
Big bait big fish, Deep water better chance, circle hook and then leave therod in the holder and let the fish do all the work.:usaflag
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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