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Crestview gunsmith ?

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I saw a small white building west of hwy 85 then north off of hwy. 90 -GUNSMITH SIGN west side Crestview..

Anybody have a number on them ?

I have a remington bolt action pistol -XP-100 that I need the rear action screw tapped for a Mcmillan stock.
Lock and gun said no -they don't do that laf.
Thanks Mike
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I think we are talking about the same place.

Splittine ,

The action has a rectangular aluminum block embedded in the stock for the rear action screw , I boxed up and mail and paid shipping to McMillan -I was told that they would "fully" inlet the barreled action -they didn't .
They have a mold for a factory xp-100 7br so intially said they didn't need the barreled action then the guy told me I could send the BA to them and they'd custom inlet it -it was figured into the price -they said they always do that for customers.
Well here I am about to have to mail it all to a gunsmith.

This isn't something that a guy with a hand drill and a tap and die set should do.
If the hole for the rear action screw isn't very close to perfect the barrel will sit crooked in the barrel channel.
I can do bedding work ,trigger smoothing adjusting ,polish crowns ,lap lugs , lap/bed rings/bases but I don't have a high end drill press or lathe.
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Thanks I know a few who I can mail it to -just didn't want to mail it off.
Used Mickey Coleman as my gunsmith -sadly he passed away before Christmas.
Thanks guys -Mike
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