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One of the most popular past time in the United States is fishing. It is known as a bonding activity between Father and Son where they go across the country to be able to catch fish. It is not just a popular recreational activity but is considered as a sport as well. Fishing enthusiasts even design their own fishing t-shirts to show how much they love the sport. In fact, there are some fishing enthusiasts who have seen the money making potential in designing fishing t-shirts and have made it their business, selling shirts with unique fishing themed designs. You too can design your own fishing t-shirt as well and here are a couple of things to help you do just that.

Buying Supplies
You will need a plain shirt and some iron on designs. Craft stores are the best places to find materials you can use to design your own shirt. Iron on designs are easy to work on a shirt and there are a lot of designs to choose from, from popular fishing quotes to fishing pictures and a lot more. Iron on designs are called as such because you use an iron and its heat is what transfers the design onto the shirt.

Be Creative
Now that you have your materials, all you need to do is figure out what you want to appear on your shirt. This is where you get creative. Choose clever fishing sayings or quotes and match it with appropriate pictures. You can also just choose funny fishing themed pictures. Fishing puns are popular among fishing enthusiasts, you can consider that as well.

Once you have cut out your designs and when you are happy with where your designs will appear on the shirt, you can start ironing them on. You should heat your iron, and when it is hot enough, just iron the designs on the shirt, like you would iron a regular shirt except this time you pay particular attention on where the designs are. If the paper peels off the design easily without smudging or moving the design then it means that the design has been successfully transferred to the shirt properly and you can peel off the rest of the paper. If there is smudging or the design moves, don't worry, just put the paper back down and iron it some more and perhaps apply more pressure and heat to make the transfer successful. The designs will take about 30 seconds to a minute to fully transfer to the shirt, provided the right amount of pressure and heat is applied.
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