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My buddy and I were eating lunch at the Marina yesterday after putting our jugs out. A nice 78 year old man named Crawdad started talking to us and we eventually invited him to go "help" us pull our jugs after we all finished lunch. Crawdad was from Arkansas and was visiting his cousin (MaMaw ) whose family operates the marina restaurant. We only caught 4 catfish that totaled 25 lbs, and we gave the fish to Crawdad. He insisted that he wanted to clean the fish because he knew the easiest and fastest way. Well
, Crawdad used an electric knife and filleted the fish just like I fillet my Crappie, and it was amazing how fast he went thru this mess of fish.

Hey, I am meeting nicer people since I started Jug fishing. Bass fishermen aren't nearly as down to earth!

I made him some pics of his fish and delivered them last night. Those fish are on their way to Arkansas this morning!
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