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SOLD Thanks for any interest!

Hi, I'm selling a Crate 120 Watt (GLX1200H) head and a Crate 120 4 speaker Cab (Half-Stack). Purchased 2 years ago, and I am the original owner. I believe I paid around $900 with taxes for it so its a steal. Got to sell it though, sad to see it go. I've always kept it in great condition, and taken care of it. I play a Gibson SG through it, with a Blackbox effects pedal and it sounds fantastic. Not quite an old mesa or marshall but for the price you can't beat it. With 120 Watts it will literally shake the walls : ) It also does have the DSP effects processor built in with 16 effects, 10 ft foot switch for rhythm, lead, and clean modes as well as effects on and off. Also does have effects send and return.

Please let me know if your interested! It is located in Gulf Shores, AL. I am also willing to do a trade AND cash for a good ling rod or reel so make me an offer. You can PM me or call at 2513171177

Here's Some Pics:

Some are a little blurry buy better than nothing : )

Thanks for looking,


I also added it on Craigslist:
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