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1- Pair of Costa Del Mar's. Brine frame. Turtoise shell/ Blue mirror combo. Costa lanyard. And I believe I can find the original box and case. The lenses are delaminating so you would just have to send them in and pay the 9.95$ charge and Costa would replace them. $60

2 - Mitchell 306. 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 Mechanically. Crosswind Cam and Manual pickup already installed. High speed handle as well. Spooled with 10# clear ande. $60

3 - Mitchell 302. 8/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. Crosswind cam and manual pickup already installed as well. Small drag knob and high speed handle. Fresh spool of 17# Big Game with a top shot of 50# PP. $70

4 - Gator T90L. Only one scratch on the rod and its in the flexcoat. Custom wrapped. Form spilt grips. $100

Prices are negotiable. I lost my job and need money to pay for bills. Fast! $250 for all of it. Pictures for anyone seriously interested.
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