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heard he was involved in the killing of a couple of south alabama longbeards. does anybody know where he might get it mounted at a good price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tony

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Clyde a friend of mine invited me up to his lodge
for some Alabama turkey hunting.
I had just put the finishing toucheson his elk he
kill in Utah this past season.
So Friday afternoon I loaded the 363 b&c bull
on the Tacoma and off we go to Hardaway, Alabama.
Man did I get some crazy looks head up I-65 and 3.5
hours later we arrived in once piece.

The day had finally arrived but little did I know
it would be April 17th 2010. Turkeys have pretty much
crapped on me in everyway possible. I've had
several chances to kill a long beard and for what
ever reason I wouldn't shoot.
Those dang birds just seemed to get me in some
freaking daze or something. At around 6:00 am Saturday the turkeys started
we took off after the first bird got setup on him.
He gobbled about 20 or 30 times on the roost. When he hit the ground he only
gobbled three times
then nothing. Must have found the real deal and
didn't want nothing to do with us. So we get up and start walking toward the
truck then one fires off
about three hundred yards from the truck. We
started slipping down the old ridge road to setup and the bird busted us game
over. Sonow its6:45 and we
start heading down some old roads. Stopping every
200-300 yards do a little calling trying to get a bird to answer us. We must
have walked about 2 miles
with no luck at all. The birds just seemed to have
quit for the morning. Got back to the truck around 7:45 so we decided to head to
the south east side of the property.
Got out of the truck called a few times with no
answer. Eased down the road to the next ridge hit the old slate call and he
fired off about 200 yards up the road.
We took off to close the distance using the ridge
to our advantage. Setup to right side of the old road bed and yelped a few times
and two birds fire off they are
real close within 75 yards just over the ridge.
Then I see the strutter bird coming down the left side of the road and 5 yards
back is his two buddies. Yes there was
three gobblers coming in. I let the first bird get
within 35 yards and fire the old browning off. The birds starts flopping, the
other two birds pitch up, my buddies instantly hits the yelper a few times, they
land back down. He fires off the bennellie and bird #2 starts the old ground
flop. It all happened so fast my heart was beating so fast it was freaking
crazy. By 8:15 were headed back to the lodge. My bird weighed 20# with a 10 1/4"
beard and 1" spurs. My buddies bird weighed 16# with a 8 1/2" beard and 3/4"
spurs. Man what a weekend I will never forgot my first turkey...yes that's right
it has taken me 36 years to kill a long bird.

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Great Job Michael! Welcome to "Turkey Fever Addiction" It's incurable and contagious,in fact I've passed it on to my wife and daughter.
They went to Mt Dora last week and got their Osceolas I guess I better post their pictures soon before it gets rough around here. Congratulations!

Ron Vanderpol
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