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Just got done with the annual hunting trip, flew down from Oregon to enjoy. 8 guys this year showed up

One decent 8 point and a twin to it that was passed on twice

Ratio seems way off, in total I saw 9 male deer and 2 does. One shooter and one baby, butt load of spikes and a cull one taken

One of the guys was walking out of his stand when he spotted a bobcat dragging a deer across the road, he spooked the cat and grabbed the deer, dragged it back to his stand to sit again

Minutes later the cat is running down to grab the deer again, dropped it in it's tracks. The deer was still warm and soft, must have been fresh, cat left teeth marks in the neck and must have been grappling it under the chest

About 200 yards north of this action, the cat was seen the day before chasing a group of turkeys off another feild, probably been wreaking havoc for awhile

My dad took a shot at a decent buck, it flipped and did a 180 back into the woods where we found some solid blood trail for 30 yards then nothing. We have a feeling it made it to the creek and either died on the opposite side, or fell in and washed into the river
Plant community Plant Twig Fawn Terrestrial animal
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