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Computer virus fix??

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I have a computer that has a virus! (Not this phone). I heard and read a few things good about vipre antivirus software. Anyone running this, or have any insight about it. Let me know what you think. Hey guys can chime in also. Thanks.
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I use AVAST which I am very happy with. Will clean up your viruses but does not have a lot of processes activated which bogs the computer down. Also use malware bytes as it is a good program to have.

The other option is to put cold and flu medicine in the dvd player and it will fix it as well.
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If it is still useable download Malware Bytes and run a deep scan. Also download AVG free and run scans. That should trap, contain and clean most threats out there.
if you are unable to download malware and another antivirus you may need to run the PC in Safe Mode with networking to get it to install. to do this turn your computer on and hold the <F8> key down. It will prompt you to run in safe mode which means no other programs are running except for Win32.
Super great suggestions guys! Thanks for the info. Crossing my fingers and go'in to give it a shot.
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