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Quick report: fishing has been outstanding the past couple of weeks. I’ve not been out doing much snapper fishing due to the exceptional speck and redfish bite inshore. Some of my trips have been up in the north bays; some have been down in Santa Rosa Sound.

I’ve been booking a lot of northern bass fishermen who wanted to toss lures at specks and reds, which is right up my alley, so I put the snapper fishing on hold till this week.

This week, I did have a few snapper trips, and it’s been fun watching my clients enjoy hooking up on these hard pulling critters.

Our 6-12-2013 trip was a lot of fun. It was a 6 hr, and we wore ourselves out. Not to mention I had a second trip after that, which put me on the water for 12 hrs. We hit the flats first and caught a few specks. Since the bite was kind of slow at first, we then hit the pass, but nothing going on there either. I looked out at the gulf and said, "Hey, it's not too bad today, lets go." We had this cobia and a nice keeper snapper in the boat within the first 30 minutes. It was a great morning, and here's the kicker, we caught the cobia on a 7ft Med Heavy rod and a 3500 Daiwa Procyon Reel, spooled with 20 lb braid and 40 lb leader. I gave the boys smaller rods to use, thinking they should have no problem pulling up 3 -6 lb snappers; they're the same rods I use for sheepshead in March. We had no idea that this beast would take the bait. Took a good while to boat him but with a little coaching and help from me, Nick was able to get him boat side for me to gaff!

Booked a lot the next few days for inshore trips. With the temps rising well into the 100’s the next few days, we’re going to start very early or even do some very late afternoon trips into the night fishing dock lights. These trips are tons of fun, not to mention much cooler.
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