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Tricounty Hunting Club in Highland Home, AL has 1 openings for the 2020/2021 season. We had an guy unable to pay his dues and then disappear when we tried to contact him. I live in Niceville and it is approx a 2:15 drive for me.

Go here to read the rules and here Tricounty Hunting Club to fill out a contact form.

ATV/UTV is a requirement due to timber company rules of no vehicles on the property.
2400 acres, 24 members, 6pt or better, 3 doe limit per membership, summer and fall plots, shooting houses, ladder stand and tower blinds.

No hogs! Clubhouse included as well as Turkey for $1625. 2 Camper spots open for an additional fee per year.

** the most members I have seen in one day was this year at 17. The average is less than 10 people and this is over the 5 years I've been in the club.

PM me if interested.
381 - 384 of 384 Posts