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Jason (12/11/2007)
fishn4real (12/11/2007)
SPECKDECK (12/11/2007)Maybe you could just cop a squat in the middle of your field and produce a nice steamy turd lick!!!
Seriously, I have opened the door to a hunting house and peed out the back and the deer never flinched. They get conditioned to humans. Does do anyway. Wouldn't try it with a rack in the field!
If that is true, why do deer run like %^&() when they hear humans; or when a human and deer are in sight of each other, all the human sees of the deer is the white flag.:banghead Yeah, they are conditioned all right.

Here are a couple of other mythes: Deer don't mind cigarette smoke - because the Marlboro man lives in the woods with them.

Deer love the smell of fresh brewed coffee; and the smell of burps and <U>released intestinal gases</U>.
Released intestinal gases...That's my grunt call fer them big boys....As fer pissing in the woods, I was hunting a scrapeline 1 year and the biggest scrape was about the size of a car hood. I pissed in it just fer kicks and the buck went crazy...It was outta sight fer my stand but I saw the bushes shaking and heard him raising cane...never came out though:doh
That warn't no deer; that was one o' yur feral sows that recognized the scent. (Where's the emoticons when you need 'em? - <U>Dying Lauging)</U>

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I was just stating that they get used to certain things. On one of our fields you can come over the hill in my grandad's truck and they just stare. If you come over in another vehicle they run. Believe what you want, but I know what I've seen and weird sh... happens all of the time. I once shot a super 8 point at 10 ft with a .22 as it was running to my Weimeraner who was sitting and watching him. Took 2 hours to find, but one of the best I've shot. Scared me to death when I first saw him coming to me. (I was squirrel hunting and had my .243 on my back) stupid move!!!

I'm just saying.

I also think that TV and the "industry" have thrown a lot of hype out there. People think that I'm crazy for covering myself in fireplace ash before a hunt. It's a great cover scent, deer have smelled fire ash before, and it's free. It and cedar limbs have worked more than once.

Whatever works for each individual.

But I still ain't trying the TURD thing ha ha ha!!!!!
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