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fishn4real (12/11/2007)
SPECKDECK (12/11/2007)Maybe you could just cop a squat in the middle of your field and produce a nice steamy turd lick!!!
Seriously, I have opened the door to a hunting house and peed out the back and the deer never flinched. They get conditioned to humans. Does do anyway. Wouldn't try it with a rack in the field!
If that is true, why do deer run like %^&() when they hear humans; or when a human and deer are in sight of each other, all the human sees of the deer is the white flag.:banghead Yeah, they are conditioned all right.

Here are a couple of other mythes: Deer don't mind cigarette smoke - because the Marlboro man lives in the woods with them.

Deer love the smell of fresh brewed coffee; and the smell of burps and <U>released intestinal gases</U>.
Released intestinal gases...That's my grunt call fer them big boys....As fer pissing in the woods, I was hunting a scrapeline 1 year and the biggest scrape was about the size of a car hood. I pissed in it just fer kicks and the buck went crazy...It was outta sight fer my stand but I saw the bushes shaking and heard him raising cane...never came out though:doh
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